Kerui Refractory Warmly Welcomed Magnezit Group

On May14, 2023, leaders of Magnezit Group visited Kerui Refractory factory. As the receptionists, leaders and technical engineers of Kerui Refractory warmly welcomed Magnezit Group’s arrival. It is a good start to build partnerships between Kerui...



Influence of New Refractory Ceramic Fiber

Refractory Ceramic fiber materials are widely used because of their excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature properties. They are a potential substitute for metal materials for high performance materials used in ha...



Refractory Material for Slide Gate Plate

The slide gate plate refractory materials because of its structure, use, use conditions and other different, showing different forms of damage such as two-layer slide plate and three-layer slide plate is different, three-layer slide plate is fixe...



What is The Composition of Corundum Brick

Corundum fire bricks refer to refractory bricks with Al2O3 content greater than 90%, normal temperature compressive strength up to 340MPa, load softening temperature greater than 1700 ℃, and hardness up to Mohs 9. Corundum fire brick has good che...



Corundum Brick Manufacturer Price for Sale

Compared with high alumina brick, clay fire brick price, corundum brick price is higher than the first two, but corundum brick expensive also has reasons. The reason why corundum brick is expensive is that its raw material composition and high al...



Ladle Lining Refractory Material

Ladle use Ladle is a container for storing and transporting molten steel. At present, the off-road refining process of fresh water is mostly completed in ladle, so ladle plays an important role in steelmaking system.Working environment of la...



Investigation of Key Projects in Xinmi City — Kerui

At 13:00 on December 7, Chen Chunmei, secretary of Xinmi Municipal Party Committee, and Cheng Yang, mayor of Xinmi City, led the main leaders of the municipal government to visit Kerui Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. to visit the construction proj...



What are the raw materials of refractory corundum?

Refractory raw material plate corundum, zirconium corundum introduction and electric fused corundum production process: Introduction of plate corundum:Is a pure, no additives such as MgO, B2O3 and other sintered corundum shrinkage thorough...



Application of nanotechnology in magnesia refractories

Magnesia refractories have many advantages, such as high melting point, excellent high temperature volume stability, good mechanical properties, etc. They have been widely used in high temperature industrial fields such as steel, metallurgy, buil...



Refractory bricks for ceramic kiln selection guide

Ceramic tunnel kiln consists of 4 parts: kiln body, combustion equipment, ventilation equipment and kiln conveying equipment. The ceramic kiln body is composed of kiln wall and kiln roof. The role and requirements of the kiln wall. (1) kiln...



Characteristics of coke ovens and their technical development with refractory materials

The application of resistant materials affects the technological progress of coke ovens In modern coke production, coke ovens present the following characteristics: First, they are large, heavy and long-lived; Second, the amount of refractory ...



Types of refractory mortar

Refractory Mortar is composed of refractory aggregate material, binding agent and admixture, and is the jointing material for shaped products. According to the delivery state, it is available in dry form and wet form. Construction by adding modul...