Kerui Refractory Warmly Welcomed Magnezit Group

On May14, 2023, leaders of Magnezit Group visited Kerui Refractory factory. As the receptionists, leaders and technical engineers of Kerui Refractory warmly welcomed Magnezit Group’s arrival. It is a good start to build partnerships between Kerui Refractory and Magnezit Group about this visit.

Introduction of Kerui Refractory

At the meeting, Kerui Refractory presented production and research technology achievements about core refractory products, and the market application cases of non-ferrous metals and steel smelting industry to customers. Magnezit Group had preliminary knowledge of Kerui Refractory.

Magznezit and Kerui Refractory

The Process of Magnezit Group Visiting Factory

Leaders of Kerui Refractory accompanied customers to visit production workshop of Kerui Refractory factory, including:

During visiting, Magnezit Group has conducted a deep understanding of Kerui Refractory factory manufacturing level.

Communication Between Magnezit Group and Kerui Refractory

Manager of Magnezit Group had in-depth communication and discussion with leaders of Kerui Refarctory about refractory materials’ procurement, delivery, construction, etc. Magnezit’s manager said: “This visit was impressive including product quality, cooperation matters. I firming believe that we will have more cooperation opportunities to provide high quality refractory products and service for Russia market.”

Chairman of Kerui Refractory also said: “The arrival of Magnezit Group was an affirmation of Kerui Refractory. We will try our best to meet customers’ need, and strive for smooth progress of joint projects between Kerui Refractory and Magnezit Group.”

the meeting between magnezit and Kerui Refractory

Cooperation in the Future

Chairman of Kerui Refractory expressed his gratitude for Magnezit Group arrival again. We hope we will continue to deepen business discussion and cooperation for common development.
This foreign business visit is a demonstration of Kerui Refractory as a local enterprise going global. Welcome Magnezit Group coming again!