Investigation of Key Projects in Xinmi City — Kerui

At 13:00 on December 7, Chen Chunmei, secretary of Xinmi Municipal Party Committee, and Cheng Yang, mayor of Xinmi City, led the main leaders of the municipal government to visit Kerui Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. to visit the construction project of our refractory production line with an annual output of 60000 tons. Liu Genwang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chaohua Town, and Wei Yuehui, General Manager of Kerui Refractories, accompanied the whole process.

Secretary Chen and other leaders entered each workshop to deeply understand the construction of the project, and through on-site inspection and in-depth communication with the person in charge, they had a detailed understanding of the company’s project design scheme, product capacity, quality control and other details. Secretary Chen and other leaders affirmed our company’s operation mode of meticulous project design, fine management and precise control, and put forward higher requirements for the next step.

The transformation and upgrading of this new project, sets up the standard of green factory, and plans to invest 80 million yuan to comprehensively upgrade the company’s original production system and plant equipment. At present, the company has invested about 60 million yuan to complete the upgrading and transformation of Phase I, mainly to dismantle the original tunnel kiln ① with high energy consumption, build an energy-saving high-temperature tunnel kiln, and build a new standardized workshop and office facilities of about 13,000 square meters.

At the same time, the company built an intelligent automatic batching building, added 10 CNC presses, and set up a “centralized control center for digital production”. After this upgrading and transformation, the automation production level of the company has been greatly improved. The company plans to invest another 20 million yuan in 2023 to upgrade the production line of tunnel kiln ② for energy conservation. After the completion of the project, the total production capacity of refractory products is expected to reach 100,000 tons per year.

Founded in 2004, Zhengzhou Kerui Refractory Co., Ltd. is located in the refractory industrial zone of Chaohua Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province, which is the cluster of China’s refractory industry. The factory covers an area of more than 60 mu and has more than 120 employees. Kerui is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating the production and sales of refractory materials, product technology solutions, and EPC services. Its products are used in iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical industry, power, building materials and other industries. Its sales range covers the domestic market and are exported to overseas markets.

In the future, facing the changing market environment and the innovation and upgrading of the industry, Kerui Refractories will turn challenges into opportunities and create more achievements.