Excellent Anchoring High Alumina Bricks

Product introduction of anchoring high alumina brick Anchoring high alumina content of anchor bricks is more than 55%, and the alumina content of high-quality anchor high alumina bricks can reach 75%. The softening temperature of the load of...



Anchoring High Alumina Bricks

Anchoring High Alumina Brick, installed on the steel structure of the furnace shell or supporting lining of the general industrial kiln with specific shape, and embedded in the refractory lining to paly a part in anchoring and linking. Perform...



Fire Clay Bricks for Sale

Kerui sk30 sk32 sk34 sk35 fire clay bricks supplier, which have alumina content less than 48%, are generally applied to heating environment with temperature maximal around 1400°C. Commonly in kiln lining, boiler, incinerator, dryers, oven, etc. C...