Refractory bricks for ceramic kiln selection guide

Ceramic tunnel kiln consists of 4 parts: kiln body, combustion equipment, ventilation equipment and kiln conveying equipment.

The ceramic kiln body is composed of kiln wall and kiln roof. The role and requirements of the kiln wall.

(1) kiln wall and kiln roof together, the kiln channel separated from the outside world, in the kiln channel combustion products and billet heat exchange. Therefore, the kiln wall must withstand the effects of high temperatures and can withstand high temperatures.

(2) The kiln wall must support the kiln roof and bear a certain amount of weight. The material should have a certain strength.

(3) The temperature of the inner wall of the kiln wall is approximately equal to the temperature of the product, while the outer wall is in contact with the atmosphere, so the heat from the inner wall is dissipated to the outer wall through the kiln wall. For this reason, the ceramic kiln wall should be able to insulate to reduce the heat loss.

Ceramic kiln wall materials require high temperature resistance, and the type of refractory bricks selected is determined by the temperature at which the products are baked.

1) Use refractory clay bricks at temperatures below 1300°C.

2) Use high alumina bricks at 1300-1400°C.

(3) in 1400-1500 ℃ using silicon bricks.

4) at 1500-1600°C use magnesia-alumina bricks.

5)Under 1800℃, corundum bricks are used.

In order to reduce heat dissipation from the kiln wall, the inner and outer walls of the kiln are lined with light insulation materials such as light clay bricks, light silica bricks, diatomite bricks, etc.

The type and thickness of each layer of material in each section of a kiln is determined according to the temperature of that section. After determining the kiln wall material and thickness and deciding on the kiln structure, the estimate of the required materials for the kiln wall can be made. Table 1-4-15 shows the amount of refractory bricks required to build 1 cubic meter of kiln wall for ceramic kilns for reference.