• JM28 Mullite Insulation Brick
  • JM28 Mullite Insulation Brick
  • JM28 Mullite Insulation Brick

JM28 Mullite Insulation Brick

Catalog: Mullite Insulation Brick | 2021-01-28

1. Al2O3: 64-66%
2. Bulk Density: 0.8-1.0g/cm3

√ High porosity
√ Small volume density
√ High mechanical intensity
√ Small thermal conductivity

Product Details

JJM28 Mullite Insulation Bricks are made from high purity materials by unique technics, so they have a lot of advantages such as stable volume, excellent thermal stability, high intensity, and low thermal conductivity. They are an ideal kind of energy-conserving products, which can be widely used as linings or as thermal preservations layes in various industrial furnaces and kilns in metallurgical industry, ceramic industry, chemical industry and machinery industry.

Performance Characters:

1.High porosity.
2.Small volume density.
3.Good insulation effect.
4.High mechanical intensity.
5.Small thermal conductivity.


1.Glass industries iron & steel industries;
2.Ceramics industries non-ferrous metals industries;
3.Electrolytic Aluminum industries power generation industries;
4.Heat surface fireproof lining other fire-proof back lining.

Volume DensityReheating Linear Change
Cold Crushing StrengthModulus of ruptureThermal ConductivityAl2O3SiO2Fe2O3