Structure, performance and refractory selection of electric roaster

The electric roaster is mainly composed of furnace body, furnace door, furnace lining, heating elements, trolley and control cabinet. The furnace body and the trolley adopt novel automatic sealing, which improves the sealing performance of the furnace body, and the cart can be moved to facilitate the loading and unloading of materials and reduce labor intensity.

Energy-saving semi-continuous operation cart type electric roaster, mainly used for precision casting mold shell roasting, water glass casting mold shell roasting, high chromium, high manganese steel castings, ductile iron, rolls, steel balls, crusher hammer head, wear-resistant liner quenching, annealing, aging, and various mechanical parts heat treatment. The unique flue technology of electric roaster completely solves the industry problem of water glass mold shell with large moisture and difficult temperature rise. Casting process roasting mold shells of fuel oil box roaster and casting enterprises of the oil tiger, especially fuel prices and raw material prices rose sharply leading to high casting costs, directly affecting the benefits of precision casting enterprises.

Electric roaster cycle operation furnace this furnace and control cabinet used in conjunction with the automatic control of electric furnace working temperature. Rated temperature 850-1200 ℃. Water glass, composite process special electric heat mold shell roasting. Through the body heating uniform, long use cycle, safe and reliable, stainless steel precision casting mold shell furnace special silicon carbon rod is an alternative to electric furnace wire, coal carbon furnace ideal energy-saving products. Double cart cycle, high thermal efficiency, high productivity, saving energy about 20% than the ordinary cart electric furnace. The use of silicon carbon rods or high temperature furnace wire as heating elements, the use of a long time, fast heating speed, mold shell roasting effect, less scrap, high yield after pouring.

The electric roaster adopts good refractory material with good heat preservation performance; the heating element is wound by high resistance alloy wire and placed on the wire brick around the furnace chamber; or the heating material is silicon carbon rod electric furnace, the opening and closing of the furnace door and the entry and exit of the cart are mechanical rotary transmission, and equipped with electrical chain device, when the door is raised or closed to a certain position, the cart can only act; the furnace bottom plate is made of heat-resistant steel casting.

The electric roaster is equipped with new energy-saving refractory materials. In neutral, oxidizing atmosphere, the use of good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure, with good thermal stability, chemical stability, low thermal conductivity. Set refractory, thermal insulation, thermal insulation in one, this electric roaster by the unique way of processing, improve the sealing thermal insulation performance of the furnace lining, compared with the traditional electric roaster has the following characteristics.

1、Small heat storage loss, fast heating. One square full fiber lining heat storage loss is less than 4% of the traditional refractory brick lining, less heat storage, heating up fast.

2, Thermal insulation and heat loss of small full-fiber lining at high temperatures, thermal conductivity is very low, 1000 ℃ for clay bricks 1/5, light brick 1/3, and small heat capacity, full-fiber lining heat loss of less than 56% of the traditional furnace lining, heat dissipation of small thermal insulation.

3, The running cost is low, energy saving effect is good.