• Ceramic Fiber Tube for Electric Industry
  • Ceramic Fiber Tube for Electric Industry
  • Ceramic Fiber Tube for Electric Industry
  • Ceramic Fiber Tube for Electric Industry

Ceramic Fiber Tube for Electric Industry

Catalog: Ceramic Fiber Products | 2022-12-29

1. Alternate Name: Aluminum Silicate Tube
2. B.D: 100-300kg/m3

√ Prevent the pipeline from open fire, melt splash
√ Stable chemical properties
√ Good heat insulation

Product Details

refractory manufacturer

We are a refractory material manufacturer, with four major factories: heavy brick factory, light brick factory, monolithic refractory factory and fused-cast brick factory.
We promise to provide you with high-quality refractory materials.

Product introduction of ceramic fiber tube

Refractory material ceramic fiber tube mainly refers to the traditional textile production process. The aluminum silicate refractory fiber is spun into yarn, and the glass fiber or heat-resistant steel wire is used as the reinforcement material. The special textile process and equipment are used to weave the ceramic fiber tube.

Features of ceramic fiber tube

  • Ceramic fiber tube has a higher electrical insulation and high temperature insulation than glass fiber sleeve.
  • Ceramic fiber tube has good dielectric property, chemical resistance, and superior flexibility and elasticity.
  • Ceramic fiber tube is a new type of insulating refractory and inorganic material. It can be used for long-term high temperature of 1000 ° C. It contains a certain amount of adhesive material, which is usually burned at a lower temperature without affecting the insulation performance. Maintain good mechanical strength even after heating.
  • The ceramic fiber tube is light in weight, high temperature resistant, good in heat insulation, acid and alkali resistant, non-toxic, and has high tensile strength and toughness.

Applications of ceramic fiber tube

Ceramic fiber tubes are widely used in the fields of metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, automobile, aviation and other fields under high temperature environment, such as cables, hoses, oil pipes, exhaust pipes, etc.

Parameters of ceramic fiber tube

Service temperature, ℃10001260
B.D, kg/m3100-180150-300
Thermal conductivity
Shot content, %, Φ>0.25mm1113.6
Permanent liner change, %
(After 24 hours)