US Customer Mr.J Came to KERUI Factory to Inspect Refractory

With the implementation of China’s “One Belt, One Road” and other internationalization strategies, China has made a breakthrough in global resource allocation capabilities. In this environment, global resource allocation has become a must for China’s traditional refractory products. Then, how to participate in the global resource allocation of our refractory industry, how to grasp the situation, is the problem that the whole refractory industry should consider, and it is also a new road that Kerui Refractory shows through cross-border e-commerce.

Recently, the American customer Mr.J and his party came from the United States and came to our company’s refractory production base for a comprehensive inspection. Under the company of our boss Mr Wei, the series of refractory products were introduced in detail. They also visited the production workshop of various refractory materials.

Then in the meeting room, Mr.J and his party had an in-depth exchange. Mr.J asked about the refractory contracting of the kiln with a full set of refractory materials. Mr. Wei answered the relevant questions with professional knowledge reserves, and emphasized that Kerui Refractory passed many years. The development and precipitation have formed a sound kiln building and refractory production and sales system. The company has a professional construction team and has contracted a number of enterprises for kiln construction projects. The customer response was good.

Subsequently, Mr.J and his party decided to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Kerui Refractory and signed a batch of refractory materials on the spot. The two parties communicated the details of the order carefully, and Kerui Refractory promised to do a good job from production. The entire service content delivered to the after-sales service has also been fully affirmed and recognized by Mr.J and his party.

The cooperation between American customer Mr.J and our company is only the corner of Kerui refractory products going abroad and going to the world. In the future, the pace of cross-border e-commerce of Kerui refractory will be striding forward with high-quality products. And efficient service has won recognition in domestic and foreign markets.