Energy-saving measures for lime kilns

Energy-saving and environmental protection measures of lime kiln.
First, the kiln structure is different, the traditional lime kiln is generally used in a straight cylinder, while the energy-saving kiln is different kiln body section for different diameter curve vase shape, straight kiln furnace material down for the static level of smooth decline, while the curve vase shape furnace material down for the dynamic tumbling down, stone material by several tumbling constantly changing the heating surface and permeability so as to strengthen the calcination capacity and reduce coal consumption also reduces the raw overburn rate.
Secondly, the air supply, because the energy-saving kiln has a special kiln structure, the air flow resistance is very small, so the energy-saving kiln uses only one-third of the wind pressure air volume of ordinary vertical kiln natural power is about 30% of the ordinary kiln, so the electricity consumption is greatly reduced corresponding lime cost reduction. Modern lime kiln research institute also researched and designed the probability wind cap so that the combustion wind can be scientifically distributed in layers to the required kiln charge section, so that the kiln airflow uniform flame combustion intensity consistent. Lin modern lime kiln design of air supply policy is: “low wind pressure, small air volume, large effect”.
Third, the ordinary vertical kiln are used thermal insulation materials and energy-saving kiln not only has thermal insulation insulation bricks and composite insulation materials and kiln lining to form a composite kiln lining, so that the kiln heat to achieve full utilization of heat loss greatly reduced coal consumption greatly reduced lining kiln age extension. Ordinary vertical kiln roof temperature is usually 300-500 ℃, while the normal temperature of the modern lime kiln roof is generally less than 100-200 ℃. Kiln roof temperature indirectly reflects the level of fuel heat utilization.
Fourth, lime kiln fuel is critical. To calcine well must be uniform limestone and fuel in the kiln section, which requires the ideal fabricator. Modern lime kiln research institute for different kiln type, kiln diameter research design and manufacture of different forms of fabricator which has a rotary fabricator, three bell probability fabricator, double bell fabricator, bell spin combined fabricator. Large kiln diameter of course should be preferred to rotating fabricator or bell spinning combined fabricator, kiln diameter of small can choose double bell fabric or three bell probability fabricator. For the recovery of kiln top flue gas carbon dioxide kiln should use three bell probability fabricator should it sectional open and closed so there is a good sealing effect. Therefore, the fabricator and energy saving has a great relationship but must be selected for the kiln structure.
Fifth, ash unloading device and energy saving also have a certain relationship, modern lime kiln research institute is generally equipped with pallet ash unloader and two ash unloading valve combined with the use of both to ensure the effect of ash unloading and save power consumption. And for saving investment also designed a simple flap ash unloader its cost is only one tenth of the electric ash unloader usually combined with the construction of homemade cost is very low.