Local government leaders inspected Kerui’s epidemic prevention and control work

On February 13, 2020, at the special moment of fighting the epidemic, Kerui Refractory welcomed the epidemic prevention and control team of Xinmi City and Chaohua Town for inspection.

Chairman Li of Xinmi City Federation of Trade Unions, Secretary Liu of Chaohua Town Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Town Party Committee, Mayor Liu of Chaohua Town, party committee team, and Xinmi City Health Committee. Leaders were welcome to visit Kerui’s production plant in Chaohua Town to check the prevention and control of the COVID-19. The company’s general manager Mr.Wei were companied in the whole process.

Chairman Li of the Xinmi City Federation of Trade Unions and the leadership team of Chaohua Town inspected the preparations for the COVID-19 prevention and control in Kerui’s factory, the daily prevention and control deployment of the factory, and the registration of personnel. Kerui’s preparations and prevention and control measures for the COVID-19 had been fully affirmed by the leaders of the group.

Secretary Liu of the town party committee said: Kerui responded to the government’s call for the first time, actively participated in COVID-19 prevention and control, organized power purchases and donated a large number of COVID-19 prevention materials to Chaohua Town, which was worthy of recognition, and paid attention on Kerui employees about their own protection and logistical support.

The Xinmi City Health and Health Commission visited Kerui’s factory and inspected the prevention and control work such as the stock of COVID-19 materials in the factory area, daily disinfection equipment and measures, and personnel registration system.

Xinmi City Health Commission members waited for the test to pass at the COVID-19 detection point at the entrance of Kerui
The Health Commission inspected the supplies for COVID-19 prevention and control.

The relevant leaders of the Health Commission said Kerui had well done its COVID-19 prevention and control work, and had fully prepared for the next resumption of work, which was worth learning for all enterprises.

The town leaders ended the inspection

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, in the face of sudden and severe tests, Kerui had conscientiously implemented the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the competent units at all levels on the prevention and control of the COVID-19, established a prevention and control emergency team, and made every effort to prevent the COVID-19. At the same time, Kerui actively strengthened the COVID-19 prevention and publicity, and timely grasped the health status of employees. At that moment, there was no case of infection in Kerui, and all employees are in good health.

  • Effectively reduce personnel gathering. All members of the functional departments of the group started the online office mode, which has been formally put into work since February 3st.
  • Products, technology, pre-sales, after-sales and other services were carried out normally to ensure that we could respond promptly and quickly to customers’ needs!
  • Fully prepare for the 2020 full-year production plan. Some employees in the factory’s logistics, production had been deployed as soon as possible, and spared no effort to stock up on disinfection equipment, masks and other prevention and control materials;
  • Make every effort to prepare for production scheduling, materials, equipment maintenance, etc., and make every effort to prepare for the resumption of work after the epidemic is eliminated.
  • Strengthen the factory sanitation management system. All production areas and office places of the whole plant took protective measures such as ventilation and disinfection every day to ensure the hygiene and safety of the premises in the plant.
  • Strengthen the publicity and education of employees’ knowledge of epidemic prevention and control. Established contact registration procedures, conducted daily temperature checks on all employees, and paid close attention to the health status of employees.

Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, Kerui Refractory will go hand in hand to overcome the difficulties and win this battle without gunpowder with the people of the whole country! Finally, love is on the battlefield and home is behind us. Let’s pay tribute to the VOCID-19 prevention and control staff who are fighting on the front line and cherish it! Thank you!