Kerui Refractory summer tour activities

The Kerui family’s first group building tourism activity in 2020 is finally here. The itinerary is two days, first experience the “First Drift in the Central Plains” Guanhe rafting, and then climbing the Laojieling of the Funiu Mountain series

Three miles away from home, don’t be the same. Only you can go, you can truly appreciate the landscape and feel the customs. Thanks to Chairman Wei, for organizing this travel activity and providing everyone with opportunities to relax and enhance exchanges and friendships.

Compared to visiting the beautiful scenery, what makes everyone more enjoyable is the friendship between colleagues, the laughter during the journey, and the care of each other. The power of the team is gradual sublimated in this relaxing and joyful group activity, which can be described as a two-day trip to Nanyang, accompanied by the whole family.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way, but don’t have to stay too long. Just like this life, every time you complete a tour, you must continue to work hard, after all, there are more and better scenery waiting for us in the future, hand in hand, just for tomorrow.