Cement rotary kiln refractory configuration and selection requirements for each part

The requirements for the use and selection of refractory materials for each part of cement kiln are collected by refractory brick manufacturer.

1. Refractory materials for the three air duct parts of cement kilns.

The Y-shaped parts inside the third air duct, at the elbow and at the closure valve are severely damaged, and the use conditions are the most severe. Therefore, the refractory material here is required to have the characteristics of wear-resistant and anti-scouring, alkali-chlorine erosion, mechanical stress resistance, and good high-temperature stability. High strength alkali resistant bricks, high strength alkali resistant castables, wear resistant castables, wear resistant castables prefabricated parts, calcium silicate plates, diatomaceous earth bricks and light weight castables can be used for lining here.

2. Cement kiln door cover part refractories.

Refractory lining body here is affected by mechanical stress, self-gravity, high-temperature gas scouring, material abrasion, etc., when the surface is piled up with high-temperature molten body. Therefore, refractory materials are required to have high temperature resistance, good wear resistance, high temperature volume stability and other characteristics, can choose high alumina low cement refractory castables, mullite castables, high alumina bricks, phosphate combined with high alumina bricks, silica calcium plate and other lining.
3. Cement kiln grate cooler parts refractory materials.

Grate cooler can be generally divided into quench area, heat recovery area and cooling area, generally divided into one section, two sections and three sections of grate cooler. A section of the upper part and the roof lining can be used high alumina low cement castables, mullite castables and other pouring, short wall can be used wear-resistant castables or the same material prefabricated parts masonry. The upper part of the second section and the roof lining of the shed can be built with high-strength alkali-resistant castables, while the short wall can be built with high-alumina low-cement castables, mullite castables, etc. The upper part of the third section and the roof lining can use alkali-resistant castables, and the short wall uses high-strength alkali-resistant castables. Generally the refractory materials for the lining of the short wall of the cooler are often subjected to long-term wear and tear of the high temperature clinker, so high wear-resistant castables of different materials or high wear-resistant prefabricated parts are mostly used for masonry.

4. Refractories for the front kiln mouth.

The refractory materials used for the masonry of the front kiln mouth are mainly corundum castables, mullite castables, red pillar castables and other types of high-temperature performance of good indefinite refractory materials. In the new kiln or the kiln cylinder kiln mouth deformation is not large cement kiln, can also be configured in the former kiln mouth high wear-resistant silicon carbide bricks, wear-resistant high alumina bricks and other shaped products. Phosphate castables are used for emergency repair and corundum mullite castables are available for overhaul.

5. Refractories for cement kiln waste heat power generation system.

The waste heat power generation system extracts hot air from the cooling machine and conveys it to the waste heat power boiler through the pipeline to generate electricity, and the temperature of the hot air generally does not exceed 800℃. The hot air temperature is generally not more than 800℃. The hot gas flow rate and dust content in the waste heat power generation system are fast, and the refractory materials are seriously worn. The air outlet, elbow of ventilation pipe and settling chamber are more seriously worn, which requires refractory materials with good high temperature wear resistance.

At present, the main materials used in domestic waste heat power generation system are brown corundum pounding materials, wear-resistant coating materials, wear-resistant ceramics, various types of wear-resistant castables and other materials.

6. Refractories used in cement kiln disposal waste gas substance systems.

Because there are different configuration systems for cement kiln disposal of waste gas materials, and there are many kinds of waste gas materials handled, so there is no uniform standard for refractory materials used in cement kiln disposal of waste gas materials system configuration. According to the actual situation of the waste gas materials system handled by cement kiln in China at present, the common refractory materials used in cement disposal of waste gas materials system are high-strength alkali-resistant bricks, high-strength alkali-resistant castables, mullite castables, corundum quality castables, Steel fiber wear-resistant castables, silicon carbide wear-resistant bricks, etc.