How can KRNC provide you with refractory construction guidance?

1.Refractory material delivery and storage

Refractory materials are transported to the customer’s site, our company provides reliable product storage methods, precautions, and detailed product construction instructions are attached with the products.

2.Refractory material processing methods on site

For some of the refractory castables that need to be mixed on site, our company provides the corresponding water distribution and batching ratio to ensure that the product effect meets expectations.

3.Refractory material masonry

For different kilns and different sizes of refractory bricks, choosing the right masonry method can achieve excellent results. Our company will suggest a reasonable and efficient masonry method according to the customer’s schedule and the current condition of the furnace through computer modeling.

4.Furnace baking operation instruction

According to statistics, most of the problems of kiln masonry often occur in the baking link, where short baking time and unreasonable curve can cause cracks and early falling off of refractory materials. Based on this, our company has accumulated a variety of refractory materials and furnace type suitable for the baking operation after many trials.

5.Refractory protection in the operation stage of the kiln Rapid cold and heat, abnormal shock, and exceeding the use temperature can affect the life cycle of refractories and kilns. Therefore, during the maintenance process, we provide 24-hour technical service hotline for companies to deal with furnace emergencies in a timely manner.