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  • Regenerator Honeycomb Ceramic
  • Regenerator Honeycomb Ceramic
  • Regenerator Honeycomb Ceramic

Regenerator Honeycomb Ceramic

Catalog: Insulating Bricks | 2021-02-22

Standard size or customized size

√ With a large heat transfer area per unit volume
√ Fast heat transfer
√ Small flow resistance

Product Details

Honeycomb ceramic regenerators enhance efficiency, save energy, increase output and improve quality, an important and effective measure when dealing with energy and the environment. They’re applied on thermal equipment for energy saving within industry. The pores of the Honeycomb ceramic regenerators are square and hexagonal, and the channels of pores are straight and parallel to each other. This structure reduces the resistance of passing air and enhances the heat exchange efficiency of every channel.


The characteristics of the honeycomb ceramic regenerator are as follow: they have low heat expansion, high specific heat capacity, high specific surface area, low pressure drop, low thermal resistance, good thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistant and much more. So, in metallurgy and chemical industries, it’s used as HTAC, while we combine recycling the heat of the emissions, high efficient combustion with reducing NOx. It becomes a true energy saver and decreases Nox.

Product NameCorundum Mullite Regenerator Honeycomb Ceramic
Quantity of hole25×25, 32×32, 40×40, 43×43,50×50,60×60
Work Temperature1700℃
MaterialCorundum mullite
ApplicationSteel plant, waste incinerator, waste gas treatment thermal equipment, chemical plant, metallurgical plant, power industrial boiler, gas turbine, engineering heating equipment, ethylene cracking furnace, etc.
SampleFree provided
Package1.Pallet+Plastic or Steel belt +Plastic film
(1)Wooden pallet size: 0.93*0.93m(standard brick)
(2)Load weight of each pallet:Usually 1.5-1.7Tons, but 2.0 Tons at most.
(3)20 Foot Container can be loaded 25-26Tons at most,about 13-16Pallets.
2.It’s available to package according to customer’s requirements.

Available standard sizes for honeycomb ceramic:

Size (mm)Quantity of
Wall thicknessChannel WidthSurface
per piece
150×150×30025×251.0mm 4.96mm 580m2/m3 68%696kg/m3 4.7kg 
150×150×30040×400.7mm 3.03mm 891m2/m3 65% 814kg/m3 5.5kg 
150×150×30050×500.6mm 2.39mm 1090m2/m363% 903kg/m3 6.1kg 
150×150×30060×600.5mm 1.99mm 1303m2/m3 63% 932kg/m3 6.3kg 
150x100x10040×401mm 2.5mm 784m2/m3 49% 799kg/m3 1.2kg 
150x100x10033×33 1.1mm3.0mm 691m2/m3 52% 750kg/m3 1.13kg 
150x100x10020×202.0mm 5.0mm 392m2/m3 49% 692kg/m3 1.04kg 
100x100x10040×401.0mm 2.5mm 784m2/m3 49% 810kg/m3 0.81kg 
100x100x10033×331.1mm 3.0mm 691m2/m3 52% 750kg/m3 0.75kg 
100x100x10020×202.0mm 5.0mm 392m2/m3 49% 680kg/m3 0.68kg 

More index of regenerator honeycomb ceramic:

MaterialLoose CordieriteDense CordieriteCordierite MulliteMulliteCorundum Mullite
Al2O3, %33-3535-3733-3559-6169-72
SiO2, %48-5048-5048-5137-3928-30
Thermal Expansion (Room   Temp.-1000%)×10-6/℃1.5-1.82-2.52.0-3.04.2-5.04.5-5.2
Thermal Capacity(Room Temp.-1000℃), J/kg750-900800-12001100-13001100-13001300-1400
Heat Shock Resistance ℃300250300230260
Softening Temperature℃12801350140016301680
Refractoriness ℃13601410148017501790
Max Service Temperature120013001350>1550>1600