Construction requirements and precautions of tunnel kiln

The masonry construction quality of tunnel kiln lining is of great significance in the value of tunnel kiln, so we must pay attention to it. Tunnel kiln construction has certain requirements for construction technicians, because even if the design documents are perfect, but do not understand the characteristics of the kiln, they are still incompetent. It is not enough to have practical experience in refractory materials (refractory bricks, refractory castables, thermal insulation materials, etc.), and its construction methods and procedures must be carefully studied and strictly implemented.

Based on 15 years of production and construction experience of Kerui refractory bricks factory, the precautions for tunnel kiln construction are summarized as follows:

  1. First of all, the construction personnel shall fully understand the design intention, master the physical and chemical performance indicators of materials, check the quality, specifications and dimensions of materials, and study the Countermeasures in time according to the specific situation.
  2. The construction personnel must make detailed technical disclosure to the workers before each process, and check the construction quality and measure the size and position according to the drawings at any time during the masonry process.
  3. Since the datum plane and center line are the yardstick of kiln construction and the basis standard for inspection and measurement at any time during kiln construction progress, the datum plane and center line must be set strictly, carefully and accurately, and the marks must be firmly fixed.
  4. The laying of track in tunnel kiln is extremely important and is the key part affecting the construction quality. Therefore, comrades should closely cooperate with each other in the process of repeated measurement, and be careful in the process of laying tracks.
  5. The accuracy of arch formwork manufacturing size and installation quality are the premise of arch laying quality, so workers often say that the formwork is a master, which is reasonable. Therefore, the manufacturing and installation quality of arch formwork must be strictly checked before arch launching. It must fully meet the standards before masonry. Otherwise, the arch can not meet the design requirements, which will bring serious consequences.
  6. The main quality required for kiln masonry is firm and stable, accurate size, dense and full, neat and beautiful, which is the need of process and structure. The construction must focus on these objectives.
  7. Construction personnel shall be familiar with and understand the national construction and acceptance specifications and relevant operating procedures, and carry out construction in strict accordance with the requirements of specifications and design and with reference to relevant data and experience.
  8. During construction (especially tunnel kiln construction), in order to facilitate and avoid rework, it is best to draw the positions of holes, holes, grooves, holes, concave convex, reserved, embedded and other parts in a straight line from the drawing? quot; On the “construction diary”, mark the distance, elevation, size, etc., so that you can take it with you for easy reference. Draw the center line according to this in advance at work, and check it again after work to see if there are omissions and errors, and correct them in time.
  9. Since the construction includes the content of organization and management, the construction should not only manage the technology and quality, but also pay attention to the progress and economy. Everything should be arranged reasonably. When the construction of large and complex projects is conditional, the construction schedule can be prepared by the overall planning method, and the manpower, materials and transportation can be arranged and adjusted scientifically and reasonably to obtain the best effect.
  10. Keep a construction diary every day according to the project, and write down the weather and climate change, work content, work progress, problems encountered, solutions, project changes, inspection results, accidents and experience for later reference, which is conducive to summarizing the work. If it is persisted for a long time, it will benefit a lot.
  11. Technicians engaged in kiln construction must deeply study and master the knowledge and theory of ceramic thermal engineering, learn some building construction technical knowledge, and have a certain understanding of the performance of masonry refractory materials. Only in practice can they actively, flexibly and correctly solve and deal with all kinds of unexpected construction problems.