The basic order and method of refractory brick masonry for kilns

The basic sequence and method of kiln masonry are as follows.

①Pool bottom masonry, including the bottom of the access road. After laying the insulation brick and kaolin large brick, the masonry pool wall at the inside and outside put 30-50 mm wide leveling. Multi-layer type floor structure in masonry must be controlled by the negative deviation of the elevation, the total thickness of the pool bottom allowable deviation is generally -3mm. in the pool bottom kaolin large brick above a layer of chrome pounding material as a sealing layer, can prevent the penetration of glass liquid to poor corrosion resistance of clay brick layer.

②On the basis of the acceptance of the steel structure at the bottom of the pool, put out the center line of the relevant feeding port, front and rear rows of bulb and forming pathway on each drawing leakage plate according to the kiln construction datum line and the kiln center line.

③ Lift the column. Take temporary measures to stabilize the column, and then install the ballast angles according to the design requirements, the column and ballast angles must be close together, while setting the elevation.

④Pool wall masonry, including access pool wall. The bottom brick of the masonry pool wall must ensure the level, otherwise the bottom brick of the part should be processed until it meets the requirements. Multi-layer pool wall brick masonry, first in the field after the operation, to ensure that the size of the furnace chamber, it is strictly prohibited to brick chopping surface towards the furnace. Wall corners need to be staggered pressure seam masonry, strictly maintain verticality.

⑤ Masonry chest wall, front wall, back wall and access flame space. The masonry of chest wall should be carried out after carefully checking the brackets, pallets and support frames are installed and qualified. Masonry hook brick and chest wall brick to have to take measures to prevent dumping into the kiln.

(6) Masonry of large swan. Production of swan tire, by the arch frame to do bearing settlement test and the corresponding size check, large swan from both sides at the same time to the center of masonry, and require continuous operation. The construction of large swan insulation layer will be carried out after the end of baking kiln.

(7) Masonry of flue and chimney. Masonry must be carried out after removing debris from the kiln and vacuuming. Kiln flue and chimney masonry, but also with the metal heat exchanger, access chimney must wait for the completion of the access masonry and then masonry.

What are the methods of masonry for kilns?

Masonry methods are divided into two types of wet and dry masonry.

Wet masonry parts: the melting part of the flame space of the side wall and the top of the swan, the flue, chimney and the insulation layer of the kiln brick, wet masonry mud used should be prepared according to the refractory brick material used corresponding refractory mud.

Dry masonry parts: the bottom and wall of the pool of the melting department and the access road, the hook brick of the flame space parts, the swan brick of the melting department and the flue, electrofusion brick masonry and the top brick of the access road.

Maintenance and repair of the kiln