Structural characteristics of aluminum quenching furnace and the use of the environment

Aluminum quenching furnace is suitable for solution treatment and aging treatment of large and medium-sized aluminum alloy product parts.

The aluminum quenching furnace is composed of a heating hood and a mobile base frame. The square (or round) hood is equipped with a crane at the top, which can lift the basket to the furnace chamber by chains and hooks. The hood is supported by steel sections and has a pneumatically (or electrically) operated door at the bottom. The bottom shelf located under the hood can be moved and positioned along the track, and the top shelf contains the quenching water tank and the baskets. During production, the baskets on the bottom shelf are moved to the bottom of the furnace hood, the furnace door is opened, the chains and hooks are lowered to lift the baskets into the furnace chamber, and the furnace door is closed for heating. Quenching is the ground, first the bottom shelf on the water tank to the furnace hood directly below, then open the furnace door, drop the chain, the basket (workpiece) quenched into the water. This structure of the aluminum quenching furnace also has certain requirements for the use of refractory bricks.

Equipment structure

Aluminum quenching furnace is composed of furnace body, furnace steel support, detachable roof, furnace lining, electric heating element, circulating fan, air guide, furnace bottom folio door, doubling speed lifting mechanism, material rack, quenching tank, material transporting car, control system and power distribution cabinet/control cabinet, hydraulic system, etc. The furnace shell frame is made of steel sections welded together, the inner wall is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant steel plate, the lining is made of good all-fiber structure, and a layer of rubber asbestos sheet is attached to the inner surface of the furnace shell to play the role of heat insulation and protect the surface of the shell from corrosion.

The heating element adopts 0Cr25AL5 alloy wire wound into ribbon, set on the insulated porcelain tube, fixed on the furnace shell by stainless steel, this structure resistive ribbon is suspended around the furnace chamber, which is favorable to the heat distribution and circulation. The hot air circulation device is composed of ventilator device and air guide plate, the ventilator device is placed on the top of the furnace body, and the fan is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant steel to form a centrifugal air blade. The air guide plate is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti heat-resistant steel, which is fixed on the inner wall of the furnace chamber by a number of shelves, wrapping the resistance band inside and circulating the heat emitted from the resistance band through the hot air circulation system to make the temperature inside the furnace uniform. The ventilation device is made according to the volume of the furnace chamber to ensure that the number of hot air circulation is above 40 times/minute.

The base frame is for shelving the furnace parts and is made of welded steel sections.

The furnace door shell parts are welded and formed by steel, and the lining is made of good all-fiber structure.

The sealing of the door and the furnace body is made of aluminosilicate refractory fiber material.

The electric furnace is equipped with loading two trolleys. Lifting mechanism is composed of winch, charging frame, lifting hinge, rolling wheel, etc. The winch is installed on the side of the base frame and adopts a low speed ratio reducer with a self-locking device to ensure that the charging frame stays in any position and decelerates to prevent the charging frame from rapidly hitting the quenching tank when it descends. The charging frame is made of steel sections according to the customer’s requirements. The lifting device frame is pulled by steel cable.

The quenching pool is more than 1.5 times deeper than the charging frame to ensure that the workpiece is quenched and cooled in the quenching pool, and the quenching pool is heated by electric heating tubes. And through the temperature measuring instrument automatic control. The pool has a water inlet to cool the water temperature, the pool is equipped with a circulation pump for hot water jet circulation, so that the temperature is uniform. The furnace mouth is surrounded by embedded refractory fiber cotton sand sealing knife, and the furnace door is closed and the insert knife of the furnace mouth is close to ensure no heat emission. The heating element adopts ribbon electric heating element, which is arranged on both sides of the furnace chamber, and the material is 0Cr25AL5 alloy wire, which has a long service life.

Each mechanical transmission part of the electric furnace adopts chain control, i.e. the power supply of the ventilator device and the heating element is automatically cut off after the furnace door is opened. The furnace door is closed in place before the power of the ventilator device and the heating element can be turned on to prevent malfunction and accidents from occurring due to misoperation. The system has sound and light alarm function. Temperature control system adopts PID over zero trigger SCR and intelligent table to control temperature. Another multi-point automatic recorder of Shanghai Dahua Instrument Factory is used to record the temperature and over-temperature alarm dual control to ensure that the workpiece does not over-temperature, the temperature control instrument is also set up with a communication port, can communicate with the central control computer, the process of temperature control values, insulation time and other parameters by the central control computer unified programming, management.

Equipment features

(1) Temperature uniformity

Achieving the temperature uniformity required by users is ensured by the associated design of circulating fan, air guide hood plate, furnace structure, distribution of electric heating power and arrangement of electric heating elements, control mode and process, furnace door structure, etc.

(2) Advanced mechanical system

The advanced system is guaranteed by the design, component selection and quality, processing and manufacturing quality. The mechanical system runs smoothly and reliably, and the equipment is in a low-noise and low-vibration working condition.

(3) Perfect control system

Embodied in 100 ~ 650 ℃ can achieve accurate temperature control, stable and reliable system, easy to operate, to avoid human error, full functionality and other aspects.

(4) Quenching transfer time is rapid and adjustable

The furnace bottom to open the door, multi-speed lifting mechanism, advanced mechanical system, so that the quenching transfer is rapid and reliable, the time can be adjusted according to the user’s process requirements.