Performance and applications of acid-resistant refractory castables

1、Acid-resistant castable material, thickness is 10-20 mm, compartmentalized construction, compartmentalized seam spacing 2-3 meters, the width of the seam can be 15-20 mm, the seam is filled with you teach dense.

2, Acid-resistant castable material can also be lined with granite blocks, combined layer and seam is generally 10-15 mm.

3, Acid-resistant castable material construction requirements and KPI mastic construction the same.

4、Acid resistant castable material can be used in chemical, light industry, smelting, pickling, petroleum, pesticide, food, electroplating, point solution and other industrial sectors such as reaction kettle, storage tank, tower, electrolytic tank, trench, floor, fermenter and other whole, casting or lining, and can be used as structural anti-corrosion equipment after adding steel.

5, Casting in carbon steel equipment inside the construction of carbon steel equipment indicates that it should be sandblasted to remove rust, and when casting inside the cement concrete equipment, the surface of the equipment should be cleaned of oil and dust.

6、The structure of the formwork for casting must be tight, accurate in size, and have sufficient rigidity, with a height of 50 cm as appropriate.

7、The surface of the formwork should be oiled before construction, then the plastic film should be lined on the surface of the formwork, and the joint part should be extended by 5-10 cm.

8、The container and tools for mixing must be clean and dry.

9、The temperature of the construction site shall be above 15℃, and a rain-proof shed shall be built for the construction in rainy season.

10、Mix well according to the ratio of KPI concrete and potassium silicate.

11、Inject the well-mixed material into the formwork and stir it manually or shake it mechanically.

12、The depth of each loading should be 30cm.

All the above items should be processed when the inspection is not qualified before construction. Expired materials shall not be used.