• Excellent Fire Resistance Ceramic Fiber Blanket
  • Excellent Fire Resistance Ceramic Fiber Blanket
  • Excellent Fire Resistance Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Excellent Fire Resistance Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Catalog: Ceramic Fiber Products | 2022-12-30

Ceramic fiber blanket is made of special aluminum silicate ceramic fiber filament by special double-sided needling process.

Product Details

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We are a refractory material manufacturer, with four major factories: heavy brick factory, light brick factory, monolithic refractory factory and fused-cast brick factory.
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Product introduction of ceramic fiber blanket

The ceramic fiber blanket is white in color, with regular size, integrating fire resistance, heat insulation and thermal insulation functions, and does not contain any binding agent. Ceramic fiber blanket, also known as aluminum silicate fiber blanket, is called ceramic fiber blanket because one of its main components is aluminum oxide, which is the main component of porcelain.

Features of ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket can maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure when used in neutral and oxidizing atmosphere. The product is not affected by oil turbidity, and its thermal and physical properties can be recovered after drying. Ceramic fiber blanket and fiber cotton have the same excellent chemical stability and higher strength at room temperature and after burning

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Parameters of ceramic fiber blanket

TypeCommonStandardHigh purityHigh aluminaZirconium containing
Classification temperature, ℃11001260126013601430
Service temperature, ℃<10001050110012001350
Bulk density, kg/m396-12896-12896-128128-160128-160
Permanent liner change, %-4-3-3-3-3
After 24 hours, Bulk density 128kg/m31000℃1000℃1100℃1250℃1350℃
Thermal conductivity under each section, 0.09(400℃)0.09(400℃)0.09(400℃)0.132(600℃)0.76(800℃)
w/m·k, Bulk density 128kg/m30.176(800℃)0.176(800℃)0.176(800℃)0.22(1000℃)0.20(1000℃)
strength of extension, Mpa, Bulk density 128kg/m30.08-0.120.08-0.120.08-0.120.08-0.120.08-0.12
Al2O3, %444647-4952-5539-40
Al2O3+SiO2, %96979999
Al2O3+SiO2+ZrO2, %99
ZrO2, %15-17
Fe2O3, %<1.2<
Na2O+K2O, %≤0.5≤