Technology and energy saving characteristics of active lime rotary kiln

In recent years, with the sharp rise of energy prices, the proportion of fuel cost in lime production is increasing, and the fuel consumed by calcining lime accounts for 30-40% of the total. The high cost of fuel has led to a sharp decline in profits The existence and development of lime production, which directly or indirectly uses coal as fuel, are facing great challenges.

High alumina bricks for lime rotary kiln

1. Introduction to lime rotary kiln:

Lime can be divided into ordinary lime and active lime according to its properties. Ordinary lime has low activity, and its activity is generally within 200ml, which is mainly used for construction and road construction; Active lime has high activity, and its activity can reach more than 360ml High active lime has high porosity, strong reactivity, low consumption and strong process control. It is widely used in iron and steel smelting, calcium carbide chemical power plant desulfurization and other industries.

2. Classification of lime rotary kiln:

Lime rotary kiln can be divided into lime rotary kiln and active lime rotary kiln according to different refined materials. According to the structure and principle, the equipment can be divided into horizontal rotary kiln and vertical rotary kiln.

3. Functional characteristics of lime rotary kiln:

The traditional high alumina ball top converter has the disadvantages of difficult control of calcination temperature, unstable product quality, large energy consumption, serious environmental pollution and low thermal efficiency. A high alumina calcining rotary kiln has been developed. Compared with the traditional calcining method, the lime rotary kiln has the following functional characteristics:

  1. the product has good quality and high output. It is very suitable for large-scale chemical material production lines and can be used for large-scale production.
  2. stable production and operation, full negative pressure production, smooth air flow and high safety.
  3. the rotary kiln has simple structure and strong controllability, which is conducive to operation and maintenance.
  4. the heat consumption per unit product is low. The rotary kiln equipped with vertical preheater at the kiln tail can make full use of tail gas to preheat materials and greatly reduce fuel consumption. Achieve the most efficient energy saving.
  5. good environmental protection. Pulse bag filter is used for dust removal. The emission concentration is less than 50mg/nm3, which is lower than the national emission standard.
  6. the automation level is high. The adjustment, control and alarm of production system operation are controlled by PLC in the main control room. There are few on-site operators and high labor efficiency.
  7. the energy consumption is low, which can reduce the unit coal consumption by 40% compared with the ordinary ball top converter. The product has high quality, good stability and strong market price advantage.
  8. simple and reliable operation, less personnel and stable process.
  9. low environmental pollution, low maintenance and high operation rate.
  10. it can be applied to various fuels such as coal gas, pulverized coal and fuel oil.
  11. it can be upgraded to automatic control, making the system more perfect and stable.