• Steel Fiber Refractory Castable

Steel Fiber Refractory Castable

Catalog: Refractory Castable | 2021-01-28

1. Bulk Density: 0.5-18g/cm3
2. Installation change: Ramming or vibration,or spray

√ Light weight
√ Great uniformity
√ Low thermal conductivity
√ Enery saving
√ Strong integrity

Product Details

It is made of dense bauxite as the main raw material, pure calcium aluminate cement as the bond, appropriately added in some silicon carbide, silica micro powder, expanding agent and additive.

It is a kind of castable made of fireproof aggregates, binding agents, additives and fireproof steel fiber of certain sizes (length: 20-35mm, sectional area: 0.13-0.2cm2).


  1. It restrains the shrinkage of castable during maintenance, drying and service.
  2. It improves the toughness, resistance to mechanical impact and mechanical strength.
  3. Better thermal shock resistance.
  4. It prevents the microcrack produced under thermal and mechanical stresses from extension which will lead to breakage and spalling.


It is mainly used in building material industry and parts of other industrial furnaces which require good anti-stripping performance and impact resistance, such as kilneye of cement rotary kiln, heat resistant steel chain zone of wet rotary kiln, cooling machine of cement kiln, coal-injection duct, etc.

Steel Fiber CastableNormalHigh Strength
Al2O3, %, ≥70837080
Bending Strength, MPa110 ℃ x24h, ≥991012
1300 ℃ x16h, ≥5.56.51012
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa110 ℃ x24h, ≥70707080
1300 ℃ x16h, ≥40507080
Bending Strength, MPa, ≥
(1100 ℃ -room temp. for 5 times)
Linear Change after firing at 1100 ℃ , %±0.4±0.5±0.4±0.5