Refractory materials and other tunnel kiln energy-saving ways to reduce consumption

1、Oxide-enriched combustion

Oxygen-enriched combustion can save 8-11% of energy, and it is easier to achieve high temperature, which can reduce NOX emission. The cost of oxygen production by membrane method is 0.06 Yuan/m³.

2、Lower kiln temperature

The section temperature difference is large, resulting in longer firing cycle and increased energy consumption, so the design of ± 10 ℃, just high temperature insulation stage, pre-heat band is very large. So you can use the kiln sealing, multiple kiln doors, upper and lower pressure balance, closed air curtain and stirring wind, high-speed burner staggered arrangement, loading palletizing, kiln height, etc. to achieve the temperature reduction.

3、Combustion organization

Design a good kiln ventilation system, the proportion of secondary high-temperature wind in the kiln should preferably account for 30-40%. Improve the temperature of the primary wind, 450 ℃ long-term safe operation without temperature, 600 ℃ above the main fan and wind ya, improve 100 ℃, energy saving 5%. Gas and primary combustion wind need to be controlled in precise proportion.

4、Firing concept

To change from more loaded block running to moderately thin yard fast push.

5, natural gas fired to a higher temperature ≥ 1830 ℃

Need reasonable combustion organization, primary air temperature, the ratio of secondary air, the rational design of the overall ventilation system of the kiln.