Performance and characteristics of high-strength wear-resistant castables

High strength wear-resistant castable is prepared by special cement, wear-resistant steel sand and chemical admixture, which has the characteristics of fast solidification, high strength and wear-resisting. It is widely used in coal mines, power plants, steel plants, cement plants, coking plants, coal unloading chutes, funnels, chutes and other wear-resistant concrete and wear-resistant layer projects.
In addition, we have also developed the high strength wear-resistant castables specially for circulating fluidized bed boilers, which are specially designed for the wear-prone area of circulating fluidized bed boilers, according to the different grades of corundum or good high alumina clinker, silicon carbide and other aggregates, and introduced a variety of micronized powder, super micronized powder, corundum powder and admixtures as admixtures. Its main characteristics are: high strength, scouring resistance, good thermal shock stability, etc. It is used in the circulating fluidized bed boiler air plate, slag release tube, furnace dense phase area and furnace exit, cyclone separator and import and export flue, return feeder, slag chiller and other parts where the structure is more complex, can be cast in vertical mold and less vibration.
High strength wear-resistant castable technical properties
1、Early strength, early setting, 20-30 minutes initial setting in summer, 3 hours final setting, 4-6 hours final setting in winter, 1 day compressive strength reaches 40MPa final compressive strength above 65MPa.
High strength wear-resistant castable should be field
1、Coal mine infrastructure project; funnel, chute, gangue bin, etc. inner wall wear-resistant layer.
2、Power plant infrastructure project; coal unloading chute, coal hopper, coal storage bin, water treatment and other inner wall wear-resistant layer.
3、Steel plant, sintering plant, infrastructure projects, blast furnace mixing bin, sintering bin, sedimentation pond, slag ditch and other concrete wear-resistant layer and high temperature resistant ground water treatment protection layer.
4, cement plant infrastructure projects; clinker warehouse, raw material warehouse, homogenization warehouse. Hopper, etc., the wear-resistant layer of the inner wall.
5、Coking plant, calcium carbide plant, oxygen plant and all kinds of chemical material storage project. Silo, hopper, batching ore tank inner wall.
6、Hydroelectric power station alleyway project; flood relief cave, road flow cave, overflow surface concrete wear-resistant layer.
7、Transportation and aviation infrastructure projects; high strength concrete wear-resistant layer of ports, docks, bridges, roads, airport runways, etc.
Construction method of high-strength wear-resistant castable material
1、Chisel the base layer, remove the loose animal, bury the plum nail, and lay the reinforcing steel net.
2、Mixing material: 100kg dry material plus 13-15 net water, stirring 2-3 minutes can be used, winter with 50 ℃ warm water mixing.
3、Conditioning 2-3 days after the construction is completed
4、The above information are set for the general situation, if customers have requirements, please contact with our professional and technical personnel for consultation, so as to provide you with better service.