• High Alumina Checker Bricks
  • High Alumina Checker Bricks
  • High Alumina Checker Bricks

High Alumina Checker Bricks

Catalog: High Alumina Brick | 2021-01-26

1. Al2O3: 48-65%
2. Size: 7 holes, 19 holes, 37 holes

√ Good volume stability
√ High bulk & density
√ Low porosity

Product Details

It is a kind of heat regenerator which is widely recognized and accepted by iron making industries in this world recently and of strong heat exchange capacity, large heat storage area, smooth ventilation, low resistance and other excellent thermal properties. It is also a kind of heat-transfer medium, mainly used in the upper and medium part of regenerator of hot blast stove to accumulate heat. In the process of heating cold wind into hot wind, it plays an important role.


  1. Good volume stability.
  2. Good creep under load performance under high temperature.
  3. High bulk & density.
  4. Low porosity.


It is mainly used for hot blast stoves. When the temperature is under 900℃, fire clay brick is used; while the temperature is higher than 900℃, the material of checker brick should be high alumina, mullite, sillimanite, silica, etc.

Standard size: 

There are many different sizes of universal arc firebrick, welcome to customize by drawing!

Al2O3, %, ≥655548
Refractoriness, ℃ , ≥178017601740
Refractoriness Under Load of 0.2MPa, ℃ , ≥150014701420
Linear Change after Reheating, %, 1500℃x2h0.1~-0.40.1~-0.40.1~-0.4
Apparent Porosity, %, ≤232222
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa, ≥504540