Causes of scorched bricks in the kiln and the correct operation method

The reasons for the appearance of scorched bricks in the kiln are.

First, when burning bricks inside, the air passing through the middle of the billet stack is not enough, the kiln worker is not careful to watch the fire, the firing zone is stretched, the fire is too big, the billet is softened at high temperature; second, the internal fuel is too much mixed; third, the wind brake is used improperly, the pumping force is too big, so that the burning intensity of the internal fuel is too big, heating up too fast, the temperature inside the kiln exceeds the allowable firing temperature of the billet; fourth, the fire eye batch billet stack form is unreasonable, the upper and lower tribal coal ratio improper.

For the situation of coking bricks out of the kiln, the following operation methods can be adopted to deal with.

First, prevention is the main focus, closely monitor the fire in the pre-heat zone, and when the fire in the pre-heat zone is found to have the tendency to develop into a big fire, high temperature gas should be extracted from the back of the pre-heat zone in advance. When the fire augury is obvious, can be burned into the belt of the residual heat gate is also raised, early release of fire cooling.

Second, control the speed of the fire line. Whether there is a waste heat utilization system, reduce the height of each airlock, slow down the speed of the head of the fire, are conducive to control the fire.

Third, when firing into a large fire on the belt, the fire before and after the residual heat at the gate to lift a few, to disperse the fire. If the residual heat gate at the fire, not only can not disperse the fire, but will make the fire concentration, resulting in overburning.

Fourth, when firing into the bottom of the fire with a large, the first to fall far gate and near the gate, in addition to the residual heat gate, but also to increase the amount of incoming air to accelerate cooling. In addition, you can also cautiously and gradually lift the warming belt ha wind gate, the bottom of the high-temperature air pumping out. However, we should pay attention to the fact that we can not raise the big fire at the HaFeng gate, because this not only can not disperse the fire, but also concentrates the fire, which will certainly appear scorched brick, and even appear lump or reverse kiln accidents.