Three basic elements of refractory maintenance for heating furnace linings

The direct crude oil heating furnace at the oil transmission station is an important equipment for crude oil transmission to prevent condensation and reduce resistance? The daily maintenance of heating furnace is crucial? I talk about the actual work of the furnace maintenance, furnace lining maintenance; furnace ash cleaning; furnace operating condition adjustment and other three basic elements.

Maintenance of heating furnace lining: direct type crude oil heating furnace lining using aluminosilicate refractory fiber folded block, good elasticity, small thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect. The disadvantage is that in the radiation chamber, convection chamber top furnace liner support is not strong. If the maintenance is not good furnace liner pins are easy to corrosion, so that the furnace liner off. Daily maintenance of the heater should focus on the smooth operation. Point stop furnace to avoid the occurrence of explosive spray phenomenon. Temperature rise and fall must be operated according to the heating furnace heating curve, to prevent too fast heating. Heating furnace temperature rise and fall amplitude is large, resulting in deformation and cracking of the furnace lining to fall off, resulting in increased heat loss of the furnace body.

Heating furnace fire hole, manhole, fire nozzle brick around the furnace lining by the hot and cold air wash? It is easy to weathering damage? The maintenance method is to clean the damaged lining of each orifice to sort out the shape, and then brush the high temperature adhesive protective layer. Fire nozzle brick around the furnace lining due to frequent maintenance of the fire nozzle, clear coke is easily damaged, the damage is serious, so that the front wall of the furnace overheating, the front wall of the furnace steel plate deformation, due to deformation of the steel plate even caused the entire burner axis and the radiation chamber axis of the heating furnace is not centered, the fire nozzle bias burn, only the replacement of the front wall of the furnace steel plate to adjust. Therefore, in the fire nozzle repair, fire nozzle brick clear coke operation, can not damage the furnace lining, furnace lining once damaged, to clean up the damaged surface, with refractory ceramic fiber felt with high-temperature adhesive pins fixed, and then brush the outside of the second high-temperature adhesive. Refractory ceramic fiber felt and the original lining of the combination of seams must be handled well, with high-temperature adhesive to fill the combination of seams.

To often maintain the fire hole, manhole, explosion-proof door seal, to prevent the hole door loose and falling, to maintain a good airtightness, reduce the heat loss, improve the thermal efficiency of the heating furnace.

Furnace manual ash cleaning and mechanical ash blowing: heating furnace operation after a period of time, will be deposited on the furnace tube down a layer of carbon ash and oil coke, this layer of ash increases the thermal resistance, reducing the thermal efficiency of the furnace.

Therefore, to improve the furnace cleaning work, radiation room manual cleaning ash twice a month, the furnace tube floating ash with compressed air and soft strip sweeping pair for cleaning. The oil and coke on the furnace tube with copper tools to clean up, can not use shovels and metal hard objects to remove, to prevent damage to the surface of the furnace tube.

Convection chamber mechanical soot blowing according to the soot blowing procedures on a regular basis. Strengthen the maintenance of the soot blowing system, soot blowing does not leave dead ends, to ensure that the convection tube does not accumulate ash. Ash blowing is best carried out when the furnace is running, the flue baffle is fully open, so as to achieve the best effect of removing the accumulated ash, reducing the exhaust temperature and improving the heat transfer rate.

Spare heating furnace out of service for a longer period of time, the furnace temperature decreases, when lower than the dew point temperature of water vapor and ash in the sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide or carbon dioxide combined with corrosion of the pipe wall, accelerating the oxidation of the pipe wall peeling. Therefore, shut down the heating furnace to close all the hole door. Multiple heating furnace to take turns intermittent operation, control the furnace chamber temperature is not lower than the dew point temperature to prevent corrosion of the furnace tube.

Heating furnace operating condition adjustment: This is a very delicate work, should focus on the following aspects. Control the amount of exhaust gas and the size of the flue gas oxygen content, the greater the flue gas oxygen content, the greater the amount of exhaust gas, the greater the heat loss, the amount of exhaust gas away from the loss of heat, generally 15% to 25% of the total heat, which is the main part of the heat loss of the heating furnace. Measures to control this part of the heat loss, is to ensure that the furnace burner atomization as far as possible and complete combustion, reasonable adjustment of the flue gear plate opening and burner oil wind ratio, according to the load of the furnace, combined with the local season, the change in ambient temperature, control the negative pressure of the furnace chamber, reduce the flue gas oxygen content, do not make too much air into the furnace, flue gas oxygen content of each lower, 10%, it is to improve the thermal efficiency of 1.3% About. Strengthen equipment management to keep the furnace body intact, sealed tightly to reduce heat loss.

According to the relevant information, burning 0.5 tons / hour, the heating furnace of fuel oil, tighten each hole door and block the structure of the air gap, the amount of fuel oil can be reduced by 1.1, saving 132 kg of fuel oil per day. Do a good job of heating furnace micro-adjustment, master the basic elements of furnace maintenance, you can achieve the purpose of ensuring the integrity of the heating furnace, extend the use cycle and improve the thermal efficiency of the heating furnace.