Sintered large flue wear-resistant spray paint construction site

Construction site of a company’s sintered large flue wear-resistant spray paint.

1. Preparation:

Preparation of refractory materials: spray coatings are made of wear-resistant spray coatings, packed in bags with an inner moisture-proof film. During transportation and storage, pay attention to moisture and avoid sunlight and rain.

Construction preparation: selection and commissioning of spraying equipment, construction of construction scaffolding, measurement and pay-off according to design, and finally cleaning up the construction site.

2. Construction process:

(1) The anchor installation starts:

Contrast measurement of anchor nail spacing
Anchor nail installation acceptance inspection
Contrast measurement of spacing after installation of anchor nails

(2) Construction process and precautions of wear-resistant spray paint:

1) Stirring equipment for abrasion-resistant spray paint, the amount of water added is about 10 to 15 (the specific amount of water should be implemented in accordance with the construction instructions).

2) The distance between the nozzle and the surface of the construction lining should be 1m, the construction should be from top to bottom, and the construction should be carried out in sections. When applying wear-resistant spray paint, it should be sprayed to the designed thickness in one time (generally, the thickness of one spray should not be greater than 5cm ); If layered spraying is required, the next spraying should be completed before the outer layer solidifies for the first time.

3) When spraying is interrupted, the seam should be treated as a straight seam.

4) The thickness of the sprayed layer should be checked in time to facilitate the smooth repair.

5) After the construction of the wear-resistant spray paint is completed, the spray lining should be given ventilation and dry curing conditions, and naturally dried at the appropriate curing temperature.

6) Baking system, the baking process should be carried out under the specified baking conditions according to the design requirements of kiln construction.

Wear-resistant spray paint construction spraying in progress
Construction of wear-resistant spray paint complete

3. The construction of wear-resistant spray paint is completed, and the delivery is accepted: