• Silicon Carbide Bricks for Blast Furnace Throat

Silicon Carbide Bricks for Blast Furnace Throat

Catalog: Refractory Bricks | 2023-01-30

Alumina silicon carbide brick is made by special sintering process with super high bauxite, silicon carbide and mullite as main raw materials.

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Introduction of silicon carbide bricks for blast furnace throat

Silicon carbide bricks for blast furnace throat are a refractory product made of silicon carbide as the main raw material. The content of silicon carbide is 72%~99%. Generally, black silicon carbide (more than 96% SiC content) is selected as raw material, which is relatively stable for acidic slag.

Features of alumina silicon carbide brick

Silicon carbide brick for blast furnace throat has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature strength, good thermal shock stability, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and other characteristics, belonging to the high performance refractory material.

Application of alumina silicon carbide brick

In addition to the application in the throat of blast furnace, silicon carbide brick is also widely used in industry. It can be used in the lining, nozzle, plug of metallurgical steel cylinder, bottom and bosh of blast furnace, etc.

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Parameters of alumina silicon carbide brick

ltemOxide bond SiC brickGreen SiC brickCorundum silicon carbide brickMullite silicon carbide brickHigh alumina SiC brick
SiC, %≥90≥90≥70≥65≥20
Al2O3, %≥20≥55
Fe2O3, %≤0.6≤0.6≤1.0≤1.0≤1.5
Bulk density, g/cm3≥2.6≥2.6≥2.7≥2.3≥2.5
Apparent porosity, %≤17≤17≤22≤20≤20
 Cold crushing strength, MPa≥100≥100≥100≥80≥80
 Refractoriness under load (0.2MPa,0.6%)≥1650≥1650≥1700≥1600≥1600