• Low Creep Fire Clay Brick
  • Low Creep Fire Clay Brick

Low Creep Fire Clay Brick

Catalog: Fire Clay Brick | 2021-01-26

1. Al2O3: 30-45%
2. Standard size: 230*114*65mm

√ High bulk density
√ Large heat storage capacity
√ Low creep rate

Product Details

Kerui low creep fire clay brick is made of bauxite clinker as the main raw material, added with special additives, and is formed by high temperature molding and high temperature firing. It is suitable for the supporting hot air furnace of large, medium and small blast furnaces.

Performance Characters:

  • High bulk density.
  • Large heat storage capacity.
  • Low creep rate.

Main Application:

It is mainly used in blast furnace, hot blast stove, baking furnace, carbon calciner, coking furnace, teeming ladle, casting system, boiler, cement kiln, glass furnace and all kinds of kiln linings and thermal equipment. It is applied in metallurgy, machinery, construction, casting, ceramics, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, etc.

Standard size: 

230*114*65mm, special size and OEM service are provided, too.
Bisected Fire Clay Brick: 230*115*20mm
Trisected Fire Clay Brick: 230*115*30mm
Quartered Fire Clay Brick: 230*115*40mm

AL2O3% (≥)30353845
Fe2O3% (≤)2.52.522
Refractoriness under load, 0.2MPa, °C (≥)1250130013601420
Apparent porosity (%)22-2620-2420-2218-20
Bulk density (g/cm³)1.9-2.01.95-2.12.1-2.22.15-2.22
Cold crushing strength ,MPa (≥)40453040