Refractory materials for steel ladles

Refractory materials for steel ladles

(1) Clay bricks. The Al2O3 content in clay bricks is generally between 30% and 50%, and the price is low. Mainly used for ladle permanent layer and ladle bottom.

(2)High alumina brick. The Al2O3 content in the brick is between 50% and 80%, mainly used for the working layer of the ladle.

(3)Waxstone brick. The brick is characterized by high SiO2 content. General w (SiO2) > 80%, better erosion resistance and integrity than clay bricks, and does not hang slag. Commonly used in steel ladle wall and ladle bottom.

(4) Zircon brick. The brick is mainly used for ladle slag line parts. Zr2O3 content in the brick is generally between 60% and 65%. Its characteristics are good erosion resistance, but the price is high, generally not often used.

(5) Magnesium carbon brick. The brick is mainly used for ladle slag line parts, especially suitable for multi-furnace continuous pouring occasions. MgO content in the brick is generally about 76%, C content between 15% to 20%. Its characteristics are small slag erosion, erosion resistance, good resistance to flaking.

(6) Aluminum and magnesium castable. The casting material is mainly used in the ladle body, its characteristic is that under the action of steel, the MgO and Al2O3 in the casting material reacts to generate Al-Mg spinel, which improves the resistance of the lining to flooding and resistance to heat farmers.

(7) Aluminum magnesium carbon brick. The brick is developed on the basis of aluminum and magnesium castables ladle lining, the use cycle is long.

(8) Not burned brick. Currently used for ladle firing brick material, almost all can be made into the corresponding non-burning brick. It is characterized by relatively simple production process and low price. Brick itself has a certain mechanical strength and erosion resistance, easy to construct masonry.

If the ladle itself is also used for refining, you can also choose MgO-Cr2O3-Al2O3 system and MgO-CaO-C system refractory materials, mainly: magnesium-chromium bricks, magnesium-chromium-aluminum bricks, dolomite bricks, etc.

In the use of brick species containing graphite materials for ladle lining, it is best to apply a layer of anti-oxidation coating on its surface to prevent the lining surface from oxidizing and loosening when the ladle is baked, affecting its service life.