High aluminum insulation brick

High alumina insulation brick is mainly a light refractory material composed of mullite and glass phase or corundum together. The alumina content is above 48%. Bulk density 0.4~1.35g/cm3. porosity 66%~73%, compressive strength 1~8MPa. good thermal shock resistance.

The high alumina insulation brick produced by our company is made of high alumina clinker with a small amount of clay, ground finely and then poured and shaped in the form of slurry by gas generation method or foam method, and fired at 1300~1500℃. Sometimes industrial alumina can be used to replace part of the bauxite clinker. It is used for lining and heat insulation of kiln, and parts without strong high temperature molten material erosion and scouring effect. When in direct contact with the flame, the surface contact temperature shall not be higher than 1350℃.


1、Low thermal conductivity.

2、High strength and corrosion resistance.

3、Low heat capacity.

4、Low shrinkage rate.

5、High insulation.

6、High fire resistance.

7、Low bulk density.

High alumina lightweight bricks are widely used in hot blast furnace, glass crucible, tunnel kiln, roller kiln, shuttle kiln, lining of push plate kiln, etc. in steel, daily ceramics, building pottery, glass, refractory, petrochemical industry, etc. They have good heat insulation performance.

At present, our company launched a series of thermal insulation bricks, in addition to lightweight high alumina bricks, more mullite, clay thermal insulation bricks, so as to meet the needs of more industries. In addition, KRNC can also customize the production of thermal insulation bricks according to the needs of users, welcome users in need to call for advice or visit the factory.