• Unshaped Corundum Fire Brick
  • Unshaped Corundum Fire Brick
  • Unshaped Corundum Fire Brick

Unshaped Corundum Fire Brick

Catalog: High Alumina Brick | 2022-12-06

1. Al2O3: 85-98%
2. Working temperature: 1800℃

√ High initial refractoriness under load
√ Good chemical stability

Product Details

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We are a refractory material manufacturer, with four major factories: heavy brick factory, light brick factory, monolithic refractory factory and fused-cast brick factory.
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Product introduction of corundum brick

Corundum bricks are refractory products with an alumina content of more than 90% and with corundum as the main crystalline phase. Compression resistance at very high ambient temperature (up to 340 MPa). High load softening temperature (>1700°C). Excellent chemical stability, resistant to acid or alkaline slag, metals and glass liquids. Stability to thermal shocks is linked to its structure, dense products have good resistance to erosion but poor stability to thermal shocks.

Features of corundum brick

Corundum brick is resistant to acids, alkaline slag, melting metals and glass, etc. It can achieve good results in oxidizing and reducing atmosphere at high temperatures.

Parameters of corundum brick

Corundum BrickC85C90C95C98
Al2O3≥, %85909598
Fe2O3≤, %0,50,80,40,6
Open porosity, %, ≤20202020
Mass density ≥, g/cm32,83,03,053,1
Refractoriness under load (0.2Mpa) ≥ ℃150017001700>1700
Additional linear shrinkage,%,
at temperature, 1600℃*2h

Applications of corundum brick

Corundum bricks are mainly used in iron blast furnaces and hot air blast furnaces, steel furnaces outside refining furnaces, water slides, glass melting furnaces and petrochemical industrial furnaces.

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