• Ceramic Insulation Fiber Paper
  • Ceramic Insulation Fiber Paper
  • Ceramic Insulation Fiber Paper

Ceramic Insulation Fiber Paper

Catalog: Ceramic Fiber Products | 2023-01-05

1. Alternate Name: Aluminum Silicate Paper
2. B.D: 96-220kg/m3
3. Thickness: 0.5-6.5mm

√ Excellent flexibility, tear resistance
√ Asbestos free
√ Corrosion resistance

Product Details

refractory manufacturer

We are a refractory material manufacturer, with four major factories: heavy brick factory, light brick factory, monolithic refractory factory and fused-cast brick factory.
We promise to provide you with high-quality refractory materials.

What is the ceramic insulation fiber paper

The fiber ceramic paper is made of insulating ceramic fiber products with low slag ball content as raw materials, through the processes of beating, slag removal, slurry preparation, long mesh formation, vacuum dehydration, drying, shearing, lamination, etc. It is characterized by no asbestos, uniform fiber distribution, white color, no stratification, few slag balls (four times of centrifugal slag removal), flexible density adjustment according to use, high strength (including reinforced fiber), good elasticity and high processability.

Features of insulation fiber ceramic paper

High flexibility
Low slag ball content
Precise thickness
High tear strength

Application of insulation fiber ceramic paper

  • Insulation gasket
  • Insulation short circuit
  • Molten metal joint
  • Insulating material (sintering resistant)
TypeKRp1KRp2USA  LydallGermany RATH
Service Temperature, ℃600~120010001000, 14001000, 1400
B.D, kg/m3180~220180~22096~14496~144
Organic Content, %4~86~888.5
Thickness, mm0.5~61~20.8~6.40.8~6.4
Max. Width, mm1220122018301220